These Streets Preorders

Preorders are up for the new These Streets- Out Of Time 12″ EP. You can pick up all three colors for $3 less and the first 30 packages come with a free these streets patch. All preorders come with a chance to win a test press.

Bully Camp-Killer Apes CD OUT NOW

killer apes cover

The new Detroit hip hop collective album Killer Apes is out Today! The group consists of Suicide Kings (King Cole and Joey Knuckles), Jake Knew, Aztek The Barfly, Cancer The Ugly, Metasyons, Foulmouth, El Da Sensei,Halfcut, and Kovax. Its got the real hip hop feel and will be a must have for anyone that likes onyx, la coka nostra, and M.O.P. Cds are up in the webstore for a mere $5!

Human Animal


Erie, PA veterans Human Animal has joined the ranks! Newest part of the Panda Claw family! PCR is extremely excited to bring their discography to life. If you haven’t heard of human animal you are missing out! Having a very impressive resumes consisting of bands such as Brothers Keeper, Shockwave, abnegation, and smoke and mirrors. CDS are live and in the webstore! I know some of you may be thinking how is PCR015 out before PCR013/014 and all I can say is shit happens! Anyways here is a video to check out.

These Streets-Out Of Time

Modesto, CA hardcore veterans are back at with a brand new EP titled Out Of TimeOutOFTime that will smash you right in the fucking face! PCR is handling the vinyl release which will be a one sided 12″ EP (PCR014). The EP is out now via CD on LHHC/Fastbreak records. Records are at the plant now and test presses have been approved! Preorders will be up soon with a chance to win a test press. Three colorways will be offered. In the meantime check out a couple new videos off the new album.